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Healthy Kids
Cooking Classes

Learning how to cook healthy meals at home is an investment in your well-being and you’re worth it! Discovering what foods are right for your body can be life changing.

Healthy Begins in the Kitchen

 Here's the scoop... I'm a professional chef, but I started out as a self-taught home cook who loves food, healthy cooking, juicing, and blending. I don’t cook fancy, gourmet meals, but rather easy, delicious, and real food.


I offer one-on-one cooking classes in your own kitchen to teach you to prepare healthy and tasty meals that will make you love your time in the kitchen. We’ll work with nutrient-dense greens, and make simple, healthy soups, and delicious dinners that will be easy to prepare. I’ll share culinary tips to speed up your prep time and the best foods to keep in your pantry. 


You’ll still need to peel and chop, but working in an organized way makes cooking much more fun!

What's Included?

  • 15 minute initial phone chat about your needs and preferences.

  • A list of recipe options to choose from 

  • Once recipes are approved by you, we’ll schedule a cook-day

  • I'll do the grocery shopping to save you the time. The ingredients will be included in the overall price.​​

  • I’ll guide you on how I prepare food with lots of helpful tips throughout the day

  • Classes are 3 hours + 1 for clean up

Kids can join in on the fun...

We also have great cooking classes designed especially for kids and teens. They are designed to empower kids to cook simple, tasty, healthy meals & snacks and setting good habits for life. We also have a lot of fun in the process

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Group rates and Combo discounts apply when purchased with another product or service.

We recommend Cooking Classes + Grocery Shopping Tour

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