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Hi !

I'm Mara...

... a health coach, private chef, passionate runner, devoted mom, advocate for natural foods, inspired by the great outdoors, and helping others here at Mara's Healthy Creations

I am so happy you are here because it means you are ready to live a healthy lifestyle. I created this website with the simple mission to help you create vibrant health and happiness in your life. You can expect to find various healthy and tasty recipes, nutrition topics, wellness tips and tricks, resources, and other great products and services tailored to you and your personal wellness needs. 

If you're ready to take that step, continue browsing... and I hope that I can help on your wellness journey. 

We all need a little help...
You might have no idea how to get started... or you might know exactly what you need. Wherever you are on your wellness journey... I'm here to help.
From one-on-one coaching, to healthy cooking classes and customized detox plans, I know you'll find something that is just right for you. 
Easy & Yummy.


I love food! talking about it, cooking it, and especially eating it!

I've included some of my favorite recipes and a bunch of "I wish I knew that" tricks so that you can create your own love relationship with food and wellness.

Mara selecting Fall vegetables
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Your body is worth fighting for

Marathon runner Mara campos
Cauliflower comes in many colors
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