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Mara Campos selecting vegetables


I'm Mara, 

I am a certified health coach, personal chef, mother of two, runner, and passionate foodie... but, as with every story of success, my journey to wellness was a long one.

I was born and raised in Brazil. I remember growing up, my family and I would eat rice and beans, meats, fruits and vegetables most of the time; we even had an organic vegetable garden in our backyard where we planted and grow some of our own vegetables to eat. When I moved to the US almost 25 years ago, I was introduced to a much larger varieties food which also included many processed foods with added artificial flavors and colors like concentrated juices, boxed cereals, so many different kinds of cookies. It didn't  take  long for me to forget the relationship I had with food as a child, and those empty-calorie foods became part of my grocery list. I was especially hooked on sugary snacks and usually couldn't  go one night without indulging in some Oreos or chocolate chip cookies  dipped in milk before bed. 

As the years went on, and the struggles of life got in the way I found myself losing my appetite, and having a hard time coping with anxiety and other emotional issues. My body took a toll and my health also deteriorating. All I had at that time was my faith in God, who I believe gave me strength and hope on the weakest days. I knew I had to do something to get  my emotional and physical health back,  but I didn't know how... Until one day a friend introduced me to integrative nutrition and it helped me rediscover a passion for health and wellness.

Today I want to be that friend for you!

One of the important things I learned  on my new journey towards wellness was to find a bigger purpose in life; to establish clear goals that would be  worth it fighting for,  and all I had on my mind was my family.  I wanted to be by best and healthiest self for my daughters, to be there 100%. I decided to learn everything I could.  I studied, I read, I dug deep... I was a mom on a mission! 

They were my motivation, and the results were more than I could have imagined. Not only did they get a better, healthier mom, but our whole lives were changed. I put into practice everything I was learning and found new ways of helping my emotional and physical health. As I decided to live my best life, they observed (as our children often do). They saw the struggle and they saw me overcome it. Soon, I started seeing it reflected in their own choices. I rejoiced as I saw the impact a simple decision could make. I was hooked! 

Mara with friends

I became a certified health coach and passionate advocate for Integrative Nutrition - a focus on not only the food we eat, but all aspects of our lives that need to be nourished and cared for.  My mind was open to new ideas, new hobbies, a new outlook...

Mara running a marathon

So, what does one do when they realize there's nothing they can't do? I began running! My first half marathon was a big victory for me. I never thought I would be able to accomplish something like that, and now it has turned into over a dozen races under my belt and a training regiment for the upcoming New York City Marathon. Running was my escape, a way to deal with stress and anxiety, that also ended up helping me focus more on nutrition and putting the proper fuel in my body to pursue my new passion. Running and nutrition were cathartic. I felt liberated and believe that God led me to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for a reason. I was healed and then able to support and inspire others on their journey to the best version of themselves. 

I know that this journey to health and happiness is not always an easy one; I've lived it myself. The role that nutrition and good habits play in being healthy was never lost on me. I knew how crucial it was to improving my quality of life but I felt like getting there was a distant, unattainable goal. I wasn't able to keep those goals on my own and had difficulty motivating myself. Does that sound familiar?

It was only with the right support and the knowledge passed on by my Health Coaches from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, that I finally made it happen! Now, it is gratifying to see my clients follow through with actions that yield in results. And it all started with simply deciding to better their lives and eat healthier, the same way I did many years ago 

I am here to help and together WE CAN DO IT !

My Approach
I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Personal Chef, and founder of Mara’s Healthy Creations where I have been coaching since 2012. My work is to provide support and guidance as you set and achieve your health goals.


By teaching/ bringing conscientiousness of how all areas of your life are connected, how anxiety, stress at work or in a relationship(s), the home environment can cause you to make unhealthy food choices and overeat, how lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising. I will support you in reaching all your goals,  from eating the right foods for your body to creating and living an inspired, healthy, and fulfilling life. As we work together you will learn how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole. 

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle

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My Training

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school. It integrates over 100 of the latest nutrition theories to help you shift your behavior to develop lifelong healthy habits and a deep understanding of your bio-individual needs. We'll work together to create lasting changes to your health, energy, and well-being.

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