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Grocery Shopping Tour

 Come explore the shelves from aisle to aisle with me, and learn how to be a conscious consumer in a confusing marketplace.

Take the guesswork out of ‘what’s for dinner’ and finally enjoy the process of shopping for food.

Grocery stores are loaded with processed foods made with artificial and harmful ingredients, products with false health claims, and supposed “health” foods.

This tour is perfect for those who want to understand and learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store and buy real healthy food. It consists of a 1 hour and 30 minute field trip to a local health food store with me. You will learn to identify healthy foods, and to read labels. You will also receive a variety of practical and helpful handouts including a food guide, grocery shopping guide, and foods additives to avoid, to support you on your path to vibrant health.


  • Learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store

  • Understand the strategic product placement and avoid falling for it

  • Understand food labels and health claims

  • Be able to identify the food additives, chemicals and other toxins in your food

  • Discover the truth about what you have been eating and how to make healthier choices

  • Learn how to shop effectively while saving time and money

  • Learn about new healthy foods and ways to incorporate them

  • Learn about safe non-toxic home cleaning products and beauty products

  • Become a conscious consumer

Mara shopping for vegetables

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Discounts apply if you bring a friend, or two :) 

Combo Package rates apply when purchased with another product or service. We recommend The Shopping Tour + Cooking Classes

Grocery Shopping Tours are usually held in Essex County, NJ but may be available in other locations. Additional travel fees may apply.

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